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Introduction 19.12.2008

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“Watching the arrival of the Mothership” by Steamboat Jim
Welcome to The Lepufology Project !

The Lepufology Project is the story of Jack Babbitt, regarded as one of the world’s most trustworthy investigators of the paranormal, whose unfaltering curiosity for the mysterious leads on an international chase seeking bizarre rabbits of extra-terrestrial origin that finds its resolution in the tar sands deposits of Alberta.

The aim of this website is to present the project to the world, and to allow the general public to follow its development from the pre-production stage to its completion.

The aims of the project itself are as follow :

Help raise public awareness of

  • The issues and impacts of oil sands development in Alberta.
  • The various organizations taking action to stop the non-consensual development of the Alberta tar sands.
  • The various organizations taking action to set a course to a future of clean, sustainable sources of energy.
  • The body of work produced by Robert Anton Wilson.

Help mobilize the public to

  • Take action.
  • Learn more about the situation.
  • Support the active organizations.
  • Change their energy consumption habits.

Here’s a quick tour of the website :

  • The About page presents the project, its origin, current status, and author
  • The Synopsis proposes some background information on Jack Babbitt and a quick overview of the story
  • The Story section details the scenes of each chapter
  • The Soundtrack to each of the chapters is currently available in demo version only, as the definitive soundtrack has yet to be recorded
  • The Locations page allows the visitors to visualize the various regions mentioned in the story on a world map
  • The Aims page lists the aims mentioned above
  • The FAQ section suggests answers to questions relative to the project, dirty fuels, tar sands, renewable energy, Robert Anton Wilson who partly inspired the work, and crop circles
  • The Contact page allows visitors to reach the author directly

This blog will document the unfolding of the project and the development of the cause it stands for, and also present occasional features on related topics.

Hope you enjoy your visit, and if you do, please help spread the word !



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