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Invitation to Participate 20.12.2008

Posted by poligraf in News.
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The Lepufology Project is a not-for-profit community project. Its aims are presented on this page. Artists and artistically inclined people are invited to participate by donating artwork inspired by the story, spreading it around, and linking back.

Participating is easy : if the content of this website inspires you to create something, anything, you just do it, preferably while you feel the rush of inspiration. When your piece is complete, you send it here, and you spread it around in your networks with a link back to this website.

If you’re not sure about what kind of artwork to contribute, here are some suggestions :

  • Music and Sounds : recordings of the soundtrack (MIDI and Sonar Project files are available on demand), alternate versions, elaborations, remixes, mash-ups, sounds effects, soundscapes
  • Videos : short films, single scenes, complete chapters
  • Images : your take on the super-rabbits (the more the better), logos for the project, storyboards, movie posters, sketches of particular scenes, sketches of story elements (ex.: the spacecrafts, the underground farm, crop circles, and the likes)
  • Words : poetry, elaborations, spin-offs, background stories
  • Propaganda : anti dirty fuels material, anti tar sands material, pro renewable energy material

And here are some guidelines :

  • All submissions must be made in digital format (ex.: media files and text documents) so as to be easily shared on the Internet.
  • This is a not-for-profit project, thus no selling of project-related material, the art must be available for free.
  • No paid-for advertising. If your want to spread the word, use on-line forums, email, the publishing tools from your favorite social networks, and the likes. Spread but please do not spam.
  • No merchandise : only artwork in digital format, no t-shirts, no coffee mugs, no key chains, and none of that kind of stuff.
  • Submissions which don’t feel appropriate will be refused.

I have one personal request as far as the visual stuff is concerned : I would very much like to see videos and images in the film noir style of “Sin City,” in black and white with one color highlighting certain details, comic book framing, and small budget B-Movie kind of mood. But don’t let that request stop you if you envision something different.

Of course, you’re also invited to simply spread the word about the project. No need to submit something.

That’s about it. I’m looking forward to your participation. Have fun !



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