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Calling All Artists ! Video Edition 25.12.2008

Posted by poligraf in News.
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Spent the last few days assembling this short video. Hope you like it ! And if you do, spread it far and wide… ;o)

Here’s a collection of oil sands related quotes and facts :

Environmental Defence :

  • “The most destructive project on Earth.”
  • “With the Tar Sands, Canada has become the world’s dirty energy superpower.”

Oil Sands Truth :

  • “The largest industrial project in human history and likely also the most destructive.”
  • “The second fastest rate of deforestation on the planet behind the Amazon Rainforest Basin.”
  • “The tar sands mining procedure releases at least three times the CO2 emissions as regular oil production and is slated to become the single largest industrial contributor in North America to Climate Change.”

Sierra Club of Canada Prairie Chapter :

  • “One of the largest ecological challenges in North America’s history.”
  • “Irreversible damage to Boreal Forest ecosystems and the corresponding loss of one of the last wild places on Earth.”
  • “By 2015, tar sands GHG emissions are expected to rise to (…) make it the single largest contributor to GHG emissions growth in Canada.”
  • “Unsustainable water allocations : for every barrel of mined bitumen requires 4 to 5 barrels of water.”

DeSmogBlog :

  • “The oil sands operations are the fastest growing source of heat-trapping greenhouse gas in Canada. By 2020 the oil sands will release twice the amount produced currently by all the cars and trucks in Canada.”
  • “By 2015, the Alberta Oil Sands are expected to emit more greenhouse gases than the nation of Denmark (pop. 5.4 million).”
  • “Processing the oil sands uses enough natural gas in a day to heat 3 million homes in Canada.”
  • “At least 90% of the fresh water used in the oil sands ends up in ends up in tailing lakes so toxic that propane cannons are used to keep ducks from landing in them.”
  • “The toxic tailing lakes are considered one of the largest human-made structures in the world. The lakes span 50 square kilometers and can be seen from space.”

Take Action Now !



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