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Strange Occurrences in Creative Process : The Bunny Boy 17.01.2009

Posted by poligraf in Creative Process.
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Another of the many aims of The Lepufology Project is to allow the public to access aspects of the creative process which are generally undisclosed.

Well, one thing I can affirm for sure, without even the beginning of the shadow of a doubt, is that the singular process which led to the creation of the story, soundtrack, and website, and then turned into a cause, has been the most mysterious, surprising, and fascinating thus far for me. All along the way, story elements emerged from various sources such as the news, Google Maps, or crop circles websites, to form a cohesive whole.

There have been so many instances of one-brow-rising coincidences throughout the course of the development of this project that I’ve decided to run a series entitled “Strange Occurrences in Creative Process.”

Here’s the first instalment, the story of Bunny Boy.

The Residents

The Residents

Around mid-December I asked my friend Mark (a.k.a. Steamboat Jim on the Cult Vault) if he would be interested in lending his very unique artistic abilities to the creation of a storyboard. Here’s part of the reply I received on December 18 :

Chris this is the kind of stuff I love messing with. I can definitely work with alien rabbits. Are you familiar with The Residents ? I got a kind Of Residents vibe on some of the soundtrack stuff I listened to (which I really dig so far, just listened to about five minutes of it).

A few days later I finally found some time to check out The Residents. I explored The Residents Blog and also their Wikipedia entry. At the time I was deeply immersed in the finalization of the story and the project’s website, so I was very enthusiastically intrigued when I found out that their 2008 album was entitled “The Bunny Boy” !

Still exploring and clicking around, I ended up watching the following video, which had been posted only a few days earlier, on December 12 :

[kyte.tv appKey=MarbachViewerEmbedded&uri=channels/1487/292139&tbid=k_305&premium=true&height=500&width=425]

(2009.02.23 : Update : apparently the channel video above has been reorganized. The video I am referring to is entitled “Bunny Saves The World” – see in the “Shows” tab – or go check it out here)

The idea of the Bunny Boy saving the world stuck in my mind, and so when came time to promote the project I couldn’t help but use it in the “Calling All Artists !” invitation :

Say do you recollect
Our journey started here
You joined in the project
And were willing to hear

The call of bunny boy
Who had to save the world
And you stopped being coy
And your power unfurled

Which eventually turned into a video.

Thus I probably am the Bunny Boy… won’t you help me save the world ?

Feel like taking action now ? Here’s the Step-By-Step Participation Guide. Have fun !



1. spacious critter - 20.04.2009

Saving the world … that’s mighty hi fallutin’ aspiration y’ got there. Um, as I look at this here map of the worlds, so many pretty colors ! … my only humble question, – which one, Bunny Boy? Which world are ya savin’?

Or, is it …

Which one first?

I fold up my map, now, and hand it to that hare that’s running up to me. Before I go… watch out for flying creamer cans!

2. spacious critter - 20.04.2009


I did mean running!

3. poligraf - 21.04.2009

Hehe… Which one first is the better question… ;o)

Thanks Camila !

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