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(Estimated Running Time : 36:13)



1. Mark Brumfield - 19.12.2008

Hey friend,
The detail you are putting into all of this is incredible indeed. This definitely raises the bar on my work ethic. LOL Good luck on all of this amigo. Good luck and much caffeine.
Mark aka Steamboat Jim

2. poligraf - 19.12.2008

Thank you SJ !

I don’t drink coffee I’ll take tea my dear… 😉

3. Step-By-Step Participation Guide « The Lepufology Project - 07.01.2009

[…] Story […]

4. AnnE M. - 15.01.2009

you are a beautiful human being! ^_^
kudos for your efforts and creativity! ^_^

5. poligraf - 15.01.2009

@AnnE M. : thank you very much for your appreciation ! 🙂

6. COTD #101 : The Turnaround « The Goal Was So Near - 10.04.2009

[…] fifth and as of yet unwritten chapter of “The Lepufology Project” is an account of the consequences of the success of the outworlders in their […]

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