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Jack Babbitt has always been fascinated by unexplained phenomena. From his childhood in Minnesota to the present day, UFOs sightings, abduction stories, crop circles discoveries, and other such occurrences have always kept him staying up late at night.

His unfaltering curiosity for the mysterious eventually led him to earn his living from his inquiries and earned him a reputation as being one of the world’s most trustworthy experts in the field, even at his relatively young age.

Although his travels often turn out to be rather disappointing exercises in debunking false claims and exposing deceivers, from time to time he experiences the deep joy of finding the real stuff, a truly inexplicable event that inspires his researches for months on end, and confirms his deeply-held belief that humans are not alone in the universe.

Over the course of 2008, a series of such events would change his life, and ours, forever. Little did he know that his singular passion would take him on an international chase seeking bizarre rabbits of extra-terrestrial origin and thus make him one of the few lepufologists on the whole planet, if not the first ever.

And only in his wildest dreams could he ever imagine encountering aliens, being himself abducted, traveling in their spaceships, and uncovering their plan to… save the Earth from earthlings !

Until now that is…


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